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How To Prevent And Defend Your Forum From Spam And Prevent It From Happening Again


Prevent And Defend Forum Spam - Forum Spam is one of the most complex issues that forum masters/owners can face.

A spam attack can ruin your rankings and scare users leading the forum to failure, but measures can also make your active users to leave the site.

Thats why we develop this guide to help you with strategies to prevent and defend forum spam in your sites withouth harming your current users.

What Is Forum Spam?

Forum spamming is the practice of sending out posts that are either irrelevant, abusive, a business ploy, or both. Many forums have restrictions against forum spam since it can be annoying to other forum users and administrators. Those who do it frequently, on the other hand, usually have no regard for the restrictions that the forum moderators have established.

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Spamming can occur as frequently as possible in a forum, especially if the forum is left unmoderated. It might happen in a matter of hours, or even minutes, and the forum server could crash as a result. It can also take many different forms. Any of the following can be considered forum spam:

  • When a user or a forum spammer repeatedly revives multiple threads in a short period of time. These are threads that have been relegated to the forum's back pages due to inactivity for more than a couple of months.
  • When a person or a forum spammer writes the identical message in multiple different forums. These messages are usually advertisements in nature, and they frequently contain pornographic content or connections to websites.
  • When a person or a forum spammer sends out the same message to multiple boards. These messages are almost always ads, and they typically include pornographic content or links to websites.
  • When a forum spammer merely posts incessantly in order to boost their post count and forum ranking.

Their posts add nothing to the discussion and may even consist of one-liners or images.

Anti Spam Bot Message In Red Neon
Anti Spam Bot Message In Red Neon

How To Prevent Spam In Your Forum

Preventing forum spamming isn't tough for forum managers, especially when you already have the tools at your disposal. Modifications to forum software such as phpBB, YaBB, and SMF have been made expressly to address this issue.

The administrator can install or configure these changes to their liking.These modifications are typically quite flexible, allowing the controls and usage to be tailored to the forum's specific requirements. This type of modification can assist avoid forum flooding, trolling, and spam.

It can change posting sequences (where the time between the last post and the next post is set at a specific interval), image posting (where the administrator can either deactivate it or set a pixel range), and member privileges (where the administrator can either deactivate it or set a pixel range) (like disabling or limiting signature text and avatars).

Additionally, a forum administrator can use his or her IP address to double-check a forum spammer's identity and take appropriate action.

The IP address of forum spammers is frequently banned, especially if the forum spam occurs frequently and in large quantities.

Extra steps such as moderating new registrants and accepting or denying their posts could be time-consuming.

Bots, crawlers, and spiders must also be avoided by forum administrators because they frequently bring in forum spammers.

There are also certain changes that can be made to avoid this. Check with the support team for the software that your forum uses, as they usually have a solution for this type of forum spam.

Spam Calling Notifications In An Iphone
Spam Calling Notifications In An Iphone

If Your Forum Is Currently Under Spam, Here's How To Defend It

We have give you some tips to prevent spam in your forums but if those techniques fails you need to go further and start using some strategies to expell and defend agaisnt spam.

But spammers are tough to combat since the most aggressive approaches make it more difficult for legitimate users to participate.

As a result, we attempt to strike a healthy balance between allowing users to openly communicate while keeping spammers at bay.

Remove Spam As Soon As Possible, As Well As The Offending Account And IP Address

Spammers will pay attention to your forum if it is popular. On the plus side, a popular forum will have a large number of active users who can flag and report spam, allowing the matter to be promptly rectified.

To put it another way, get rid of the spam and grab the ban hammer.

Enable A Captcha System For Registration/Login And Posting

This approach isn't optimal because it has a negative impact on legitimate users. It only needs to be done once, and it's a tried-and-true approach of keeping spam bots at bay.

Limit The Number Of Threads To Stop Flooding

You can limit a hostile user's ability to "flood" the board with his or her garbage by limiting the number of threads he or she can publish every hour.

Enable An IP Banning System Using A Blacklist IP Checker

Project Honeypot and Stop Forum Spam, for example, undertake a "background check" that can block members from entering your forum if their IP address has a suspicious history.

Set Up A Filter To Check For Spam In Content

Web services such as Akismet can check the content of a potential post or thread to see whether it contains spam.

Only Bots Can Eee Hidden Field On The Registration Form

Spam bots that submit online forms mindlessly can be caught by a form with hidden fields.

Enable A Trial Period For New Users

We avoid taking this step since it is so harmful to legitimate people, but a well-established forum may use it.

In this instance, a moderator may be required to approve and/or post the user's first threads (s).

New accounts could also be subjected to a 24-hour wait time before being allowed to start their own threads.

Asking New Users Why They Want To Join

Spammers can be weeded out by asking people to explain why they want to join your community. This step will undoubtedly annoy new users, but it may be necessary for a well-established forum.

Examine The Country Of Origin

The majority of forum spam comes from India, China, and Indonesia, according to our experience.

New user registrations from certain countries can be identified using their IP addresses, and these users can be asked to provide extra verification before their membership can be activated.

You can also examine where the attackers are coming if you are under one and start applying this measures according to your case.


We feel that gathering input about a member before he or she joins your forum is the best way to prevent spam.

This information can come from the user's behavior (Does it act like a bot? ), the user's reputation (Is his or her IP blacklisted? ), or the user's country of origin (Has this country previously sent spammers to you?).

If the nature of the comments raises any concerns, the potential user should be subjected to a more thorough registration process.

If a spammer manages to get past your security measures, rapid content removal will reduce the spammer's effectiveness.

The best strategies is taking prevemptive and defending actions that doesn't harm your active community.

Forum spam prevent and defend is not and easy task but is necessary to success as a forum manager/owner so please take note on this strategies and apply it right now.

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