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Instagram Lessons To Learn From Celebrities


Celebrities are just like us, really! Unless, of course, they have millions of Instagram followers who worship the ground they walk on.

Even though we aren't all famous, we can all use the same Instagram tactics that famous people (and, let's be honest, their personal marketing teams) employ to market themselves, sell goods, and share messages that are important to them.

These celebrities have shown that they are just as hot on social media as they are in real life, whether it be by creating the ideal photo dump or killing it on IG Reels. Here are some instagram lessons to learn from celebrities.

Lizzo - Product Promotion On Instagram Reels

The fastest-growing feature on the platform is Instagram Reels, and the switch from photos to videos can be very profitable for businesses (91% of users watch reels at least once a week).

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If you use Instagram for your business, learning how to promote your products on Reels will give you a big edge over your competitors.

Lizzo has completely nailed Instagram Reels; her collection of funny, attractive, and work-related videos is both entertaining and engaging.

In addition to posting Reels of her shopping at Target and mocking anyone who claims About Damn Time wasn't the song of the summer, Lizzo uses Reels to promote Yitty, her shapewear line.

In this reel, Lizzo uses Instagram to promote a sale and model the most recent Yitty line.

Even though Lizzo's Yitty-focused Reels are meant to promote her music, they are not all about business because they are always funny and often sexy, which is in keeping with her brand.

Another significant aspect of Lizzo's Instagram is how empowering it is. Despite having a lot of haters, this celebrity exudes confidence and doesn't give a damn (sometimes, the internet sucks).

She continues to share her content and encourages others to do the same despite the numerous body-shaming comments.

What Lizzo Can Teach Us

Instagram Reels are a fantastic platform for showcasing your goods.

Product-marketing reels work better if they don't feel like conventional advertisements.

Maintain your brand's integrity by producing honest, relatable content.

Haters are going to hate, but the sound of the money coming in will drown them out.

Kerry Washington - On Activism And Instagram Live

One of the most intimate platforms for celebrities (or brands, or regular people) to interact with their audience is Instagram Live. Creators can respond to or address comments made by followers in real time.

Because of this, Instagram Live is a fantastic tool for self-promotion and can also be used as an activism tactic.

Like any other celebrity, Kerry Washington uses her Instagram account to share her latest projects and promote brand collaborations.

However, she also uses her livestream to promote social causes that she (and her audience) is passionate about, such as voting rights and racism in the United States.

Going live is a statement, and sharing content that isn't purely promotional on IG Live has an impact that goes beyond making money or gaining followers.

This is because Instagram Live is unfiltered and unedited, giving it an air of vulnerability that makes it a meaningful way to communicate.

What Kerry Washington Teaches Us

  • Going live on Instagram helps to forge a closer, more intimate relationship between you and your followers.
  • Using Instagram Live effectively for activism is possible.
  • Invite advocacy experts to join you on a live stream to start a meaningful (and interesting) discussion.

Olivia Rodrigo - Real Photo Dumps

One of the most recent trends on Instagram is photo dumps. The photo dump is the nemesis of the edited, filtered, impossibly-perfect post; the beauty of this type of post lies in its imperfection.

A "photo dump" is merely a collection of images displayed as a carousel; occasionally, they are taken from a particular occasion or period of time, but most frequently, they are just a collection of images that the user likes.

The photo dump's popularity can be attributed to Gen Z, and they excel at it. Consider the teen pop star Olivia Rodrigo as an illustration.

Olivia frequently posts pictures of food, memes, fuzzy selfies, and photos of herself and her pals taken at a photo booth. They don't appear to be carefully curated works, as she would (even if she is).

What Olivia Rodrigo Can Teach Us

  • Instagram celebrities do not need to show their money every time, there are time and spaces to search for their net worth in common media outside their personal accounts.
  • Authenticity has a certain allure.
  • A fun way to change up your usual content is through photo dumps.
  • Avoid over-analyzing your social media posts.

If you're running out of ideas, look at what's trending. The difficulties or themes that are featured in popular songs on Instagram Reels are a terrific source of inspiration. Take Terry Crews' example.

The trend mentioned above is an illustration of how easy it is to capture and edit this type of video.

Certain trends need a little more work (for instance, rooting through a ton of old photos of yourself).

Woman posting a photo of her diner in instagram
Woman posting a photo of her diner in instagram

What Terry Crews Can Teach Us

  • Instagram TrendsReels are a great place to find ideas for articles.
  • When choosing which trend to follow, be aware of how much time you have to dedicate to it. Some trends require a lot of work, while others are rather simple.
  • Don't just replicate another creator; add your own unique spin to the trend.
  • Trends can be used for promotion as well as for amusement.
  • Food pics can be awesome.

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How Do You Get Celebrities On Instagram?

  • Ensure the Appearance of Your Instagram Account. genuine, attractive, and accessible one. 
  • Catch their interest. 
  • Use Humor to Make Sense. 
  • DM regularly.


Celebrities can teach us a lot about digital marketing and how to manage a community.

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