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Celebrities Do Weird Things On Social Media - Examples And Stories


It's simple to deceive ourselves into thinking we know everything there is to know about celebrities and the extremely famous due to the amount of scrutiny they are subjected to and the time spent in the spotlight. But the truth is that sometimes the celebrities do weird things on social media like us.

For instance, Tom Hardy might come across as a tough person, but he's not. He doesn't feel very macho and is actually very intimidated by other men at the gym.

Strange isn't always the new cool, but this list of the strangest celebrities most surely proves that it isn't! For instance, Shia LaBeouf and Lady Gaga are weird, quirky, or on the verge of insanity, and they might exhibit these traits through unconventional artistic mediums. They might simply look strange, like Marilyn Manson or Dennis Rodman. Whatever the case, these eccentric celebrities offer comedy, controversy, and entertainment in plenty!

Celebrities Can Do Weird Things On Social Media As Well

Everyone experiences it at some point. We all make embarrassing posts on social media from time to time, whether it's a crazy mistake, an awkward hand placement in a photo, a wardrobe mishap, or just saying something incredibly stupid.

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Thankfully, we're not famous, though. because billions of people watch when famous people post embarrassing moments on social media.

Even though many celebrities are fortunate enough to have social media managers, many don't, and those who do occasionally take control of their social media accounts on their own, which isn't always a good idea.

Jack Black

On TikTok, Jack Black performed a pretty amazing dance while in quarantine. He danced in his (or someone else's) backyard on top of a skateboard half-pipe while only wearing shorts, cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat.

Kim Kardashian

When Armani called Kim Kardashian West out for not knowing how to spell "Giorgio,"

Kim Kardashian at met gala
Kim Kardashian at met gala

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith vented on Twitter about a meal (which was exactly what he wanted). LIVE! He said, "I'm surprised I'm still alive since The Four Seasons in Toronto spiked my pancakes with cheese." In other words, he requested ricotta pancakes with eggs.

Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry was completely duped by a false video of Italians singing her song "Roar" while in a health emergency from their balconies.

She shared the video of a hypothetical event with the following caption: "You cannot stifle a person's spirit." In this, we are allies. The disputed video is above, despite the fact that it appears that she has since erased her retweet.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat, a rapper and singer whose father is black, almost had her career cut short in 2020 when it was discovered that she had been frequenting racist online chat rooms, specifically a website called Tinychat. Even if her career is still going strong now, that wasn't a nice appearance at all.

Kourtney Kardashian

Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink 182, and Kourtney Kardashian have started dating, and they have made a big deal out of it.

However, things may have taken a turn for the worse when Travis posted an incredibly NSFW video of her sucking his thumb in honor of her birthday. Even Kourtney's own 11-year-old son Mason might have noticed it, but it was quickly pointed out by others.

Zac Efron

Back in 2016, when he tweeted that he was grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and for hitting 10 million followers, actor Zac Efron demonstrated that he is just as out of touch as the average celebrity.

Not only that, but he did it on the same post, which, of course, included a photo of himself. Okay, man.


Oprah Winfrey, a renowned talk show host and journalist, somewhat erred in 2012 when she tweeted about the Microsoft Surface tablet. She tweeted about how much she liked the Surface, but she did it from an Apple iPad, which kind of defeated the purpose of what was probably a paid post.

Gal Gadot

Even superheroes occasionally make mistakes. When renowned physicist Stephen Hawking passed away, Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot posted a touching message on Twitter.

However, she was almost instantly criticized for the "ableist" language she used. Despite the fact that she had excellent intentions, we can only imagine how embarrassed she felt when her words were misinterpreted. We don't believe she ever intended to imply that Hawking's handicap limited his IQ.

Gal Gadot At Comic Con 2018
Gal Gadot At Comic Con 2018

Lindsay Lohan

When working on this photo, former child star Lindsay Lohan could have used a lot more assistance with her photo-editing program. The curves she added reached the doorway behind her, making it pretty clear that she was attempting to give herself a little more booty. She often deletes everything on her Instagram account and starts over, but many people took screenshots of what happened before she did that.

Kevin Durant

NBA player Kevin Durant once tweeted extremely creepy things about other celebrities. He would tweet references to Scarlett Johansson. Erykah Badu is thicker than a kindergarten pencil, and I'll drink your bathwater.

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Celebrities are just like the rest of us; they make weird decisions in real life, on social media, and even at their own events. Visit The Hook and read their stories to find more instances of famous people and celebrities acting weird.

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