Things You Should Know About Backlinks And Social Media Ranking

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

If you are new in Search Engine Optimization, this article is worth reading for you. You’ll learn the importance of backlinks and social media ranking, their types, and will figure out how they work too.

If you are new in Search Engine Optimization, this article is worth reading for you. You’ll learn the importance of backlinks and social media ranking, their types, and will figure out how they work too.

What Is A Backlink

A backlink is simply a link that connects from one website to another. Search engines platforms, for instance like Google, use backlink as a ranking signal because when one website links to another, it means they believe the content is noteworthy. Quality backlinks can help to increase a site’s ranking position and outreach in search engine results (SEO).

A backlink is simply a hypertext link on a page that links to another page or one website to another. This could be a website URL, picture, anchor text, or words that are bolded and underlined. Search Engines like Google for instance utilize backlinks as one of the major factors in ranking because the moment once a website links to another, it only means that the backlink content is reliable and worthy. Therefore, backlinks have a great impact in increasing a site’s or social media ranking position and visibility in Search Engine results.

Backlink needs to be a clickable hyperlink with anchor text; Take this as an example, www. won’t help us in link building, but Washington Independent will.

Why Are Backlinks So Important?

Backlinks are indeed vital in SEO simply because they transfer page and domain authority to your site which helps in increasing and boosting your SEO rankings. Therefore, the more your site is getting linked, the more it builds authority in your site. The higher your authority, your SEO rankings will also be higher. For example, if a person is looking for the best vitamins, he might go online and look for reviews of different vitamins. If that person finds 3 great vitamins with the same average rating, he will probably choose the one with the most ratings. Backlinks definitely do the same job for search engines. Having higher authority and trustworthy backlinks only means that your page or site is an authority in their niche.

How To Make Valuable Backlinks

When making valuable backlinks, you have to make sure that you have contents worth linking to at the first place. We highly suggest consolidating relevant data or research unique to your niche. Compile these researches into something you can share like a website comment or in-depth blog post. Whatever the content, make sure it’s relevant, personalized,natural and unique. Furthermore, if the link to your page or site is from a highly authoritative site, then that will definitely boost your rankings higher. Getting links from highly ranked websites can be hard, but not impossible and still depends on how you conceptualize your techniques.

Types Of Backlinks

Backlinks are considered one of the important factors in SEO after content, that’s why page and site owners care so much about smart link building. If a high authority site with a good reputation links to your website, it will level up your site ranking too.Here are the two main types of backlinks and the influence that they can do on your website.

Do-follow links. This type of link doesn't contain any attribute and has an impact on your ranking. If several high-ranking sites link to your site, search engines see it and conclude that you have great content, and decide to reward your content with a higher ranking. This is done to deliver the most trustworthy and relevant content to people and help them solve their problems.

No-follow links. This type of link is necessary for a website to look natural as it usually combines both do-follow and no-follow links. Their main role is to drive traffic and gain exposure. This link has a special attribute in its code that sends signals to search engines tools about the type of a link. If you open the HTML source code of a web page you will therefore see rel=“nofollow”. No follow links can be seen from forums, press releases, sponsored content, blog posts, sites comments, and social media.

Backlinks and Social Media: How They Work Together To Increase Your Ranking

It is a common misconception that backlinks from social media are not that important. This is definitely incorrect, as social media can also be useful when it comes to the ranking of your page/ sites. If you ignore social media links you are then wasting a large portion of your potential audience.

Though social media platforms can’t be used to create a solid backlink strategy, they can be useful for helping to build up your audience and web presence. Your main goal is to deliver the content that they want to share and extend the reach of. The more people that your content can reach, the higher the chance of achieving backlinks to your website. This factor will help you increase your site SEO ranking.

Social media indeed plays a vital role in helping sites get their content in front of a wider audience. That leads to many things that benefit SEO, including more backlinks and improved engagement. Audience research on social media helps you create more targeted content and helps you understand what your social audience wants to read.


Keeping track of your backlinks especially in Social Media platforms will tell you a lot about the value of your site or page. We hope this guide helped you learn what backlinks are, and how you can use them to grow your website. Apply what you’ve learned in this article and aim to generate more traffic and build stronger authority to your site.