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What Is The Hidden Charisma Of Twitter?

Twitter is an electronic charismatic platform that may either entice or alienate followers. This article examines what is the hidden charisma of Twitter, their applications and limitations, as well as its success, using the definition of charisma as a guide. Almost everyone has heard of Twitter and the communication phenomenon that it has become over the last three years. Twitter is a microblogging-focused social networking service that anybody can join. Microblogs, often known as "tweets," are short statements of less than 140 characters. They can be transmitted and received using a variety of electronic devices, such as cell phones and PCs that have Internet connectivity. Social media users, news organizations, and corporations have all welcomed the new communication approach.

No one could have foreseen how powerful this new media would become as a means of communication. Twitter has grown into a marketing force that has outgrown even its inventors' wildest dreams. However, some criticize the micro messages' requirement for reduced language. Twitter appears to be a type of electronic charm that may either entice or alienate followers. The essential question is: What are the genuine commercial applications for this type of communication? This essay will look at the benefits and drawbacks of Twitter, as well as evaluate its success using the charisma definition.

The Hidden Electronic Charisma Of Twitter

Twitter, in a sense, is broadening the meaning of charisma. Max Weber wrote a lot about charisma and how it influences people to choose to follow a leader. He defined it as a trait or quality possessed by a person that causes others to treat them as though they possess powers above the ordinary. Powerful words given masterfully can result in a large group of people following a leader's instructions. So, how can a series of microblogs be charismatic while also being beneficial to business? Assume you're in front of a conference group, and a leader is extolling the company's vision and potential for future success. It's difficult enough to get people interested in the firm to the point where they want to follow it, but good luck even getting folks in the seats. Take a look at Twitter. A person can sit alone in a room and compose a tweet that will be read by thousands of people all over the world. What's in that message has the potential to motivate people to buy new items, enlighten the news media about current events, or serve as the foundation for revolution communication.

The Revolution Of Business In A Single Tweet

Businesses began using tweets as marketing tools to establish great organizations since Twitter goes beyond simple social communication. The communication structure of a company is one of its most important aspects. Effective organizations include communication channels that link leaders to front-line managers, managers to employees, employees to employees, and the firm to its consumers.

The communication link between the organization and the marketplace must be embraced and nurtured by quality control managers. It's easy to lose touch with client needs in a highly competitive atmosphere. It's also usual for today's consumer to feel cut off from the company that makes or sells the thing they just bought.

If charisma is defined as a quality that causes individuals to perceive another person as possessing attributes that inspire confidence and build an emotional bond, then Twitter is a charismatic communication tool. Customers who previously threw damaged things away in a fit of rage and then proceeded to inform everyone they knew may now send a tweet that connects them directly to the company's customer service department. Since the company established a quick channel into its organizational communication system, the client believes the company genuinely cares about their perspective. It also works in the opposite direction. The business might send a tweet to thousands of customers asking them to buy items or services. Tweets have the ability to sway individuals away from their goals.

"Follow Me" System Of Twitter

The next stage of Twitter development will be to improve business services by providing "verified account" information, which will make it easier to communicate with customers. The developers also hope to figure out how to interpret collective tweets to learn what moves people emotionally, what interests them, and how they manage information. This would be extremely useful information. Jaime Teevan, a Microsoft researcher, has made a career out of gathering information about people's expertise, interests, and behaviors in order to assist them in managing their information. She researches how individuals deal with the deluge of information available in the digital era and creates tools to assist them. This appears to be the intention of Twitter's developers, however their data is limited to 140-character tweets.

Is this a case of charisma? Except for the fact that the message is delivered via electronic means rather than verbally, it possesses many of the characteristics of charisma. The most significant is that Twitter tweets have the ability to motivate large groups of people. The objective, according to a Twitter business report, was to reach 25 million members by the end of 2009. By the end of 2010, that number will have risen to 100 million users.

It's a new era, and communication has been reduced to its bare essentials. When e-mail communication was first invented, some people prophesied that this would happen. Is Twitter the modern society's new Pied Piper? That appears to be the case.

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